WEED ABATEMENT Vacant lots in the city must be maintained or will be subject to fines. As the summer heats up, weeds are drying quickly posing a potential fire hazard in our communities. Property owners must take immediate measures to ensure their vacant parcel is clear of weeds, debris and maintained throughout the year, primarily between the months of April […]

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deceased tree

When Trees Start Dying

Signs You Have a Diseased Tree Do you notice any funky-looking growths on your trees? One of the signs you have a diseased tree, for instance, is the appearance of fungi– which can be colorful growths, looking like a mushroom, conk or shelf-life structure. Fungi typically appear after a tree has been wounded. How does that happen? Well, say you’re […]

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How To Hire A Tree Care Company

Trees have the power to increase property values, improve air quality, reduce household energy costs, improve water quality and more according to the Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service. When trees are present in our everyday landscape it’s easy to forget just how significant they are to all of our lives. Trees of the right variety placed properly and […]

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