How Weather can Impact Trees

 Winter desiccation can be devastating in some years. Photo: John Fech In the world of arboriculture, or at least the arborist, a variety of factors impart effects on the trees we care for each and every day. One of the most impactful, or at least most commonly referred to is weather. The adage goes like this: “Can’t figure out what’s […]

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Wildfire Effects

Wildfire Effects to Trees

When wildfires roll through, the devastation is often immense. While attention is usually focused on the impact to structures — sometimes homes are burned right down to their foundations — part of the rebuilding process requires an evaluation of the surrounding trees. In most cases, a decision can be made relatively quickly about whether a building is a total loss […]

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Tree Care

Types Of Tree Problems Stability and safety of the trees on your customer’s properties are just as important as the aesthetics that they provide. It’s up to you as a tree service provider to inform your clients of the status of their trees in terms of health and longevity as well as the immediate, short term needs that may be […]

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