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Emergency Tree Removal-Top 5 Tips

Emergency Tree Removal-Top Five Things to Know

Emergency tree removal situation are stressful, that is a face. But a little bit of knowledge in dealing with them can go a long way in helping alleviate that stress.

  1. Don’t make an emergency tree removal situation more dangerous by getting too close.  You want to be a witness, not a victim. Trees that appear solidly supported, or stuck fast on the ground often shift or roll, causing personal injury or worse. Let our expert arborists check it out. Stay clear and keep passersby clear as well. Often blocking off the area with sawhorses or a parked car can keep pedestrians from harm. If there is a downed powerline or a tree is leaning on a powerline, call 9-1-1 immediately and advise your local utility provider. These are the people whose name is on your power bill usually PG-E or SMUD.
  1. In what is potentially an emergency, the best thing you can do is to Be Calm. Neighbors may be escalating the drama. Well-meaning people who do not understand the forces inherent may offer advice on how the emergency could be best handled. Remember that they aren’t professionals. People might ask if they can just go under the leaning tree for a minute. If it isn’t a matter of life and death, don’t make it into one by allowing anyone too near. Is it really an emergency if the birdbath or fence is wrecked? After all, this is why we carry homeowner’s insurance. But if the tree can further slip, fall, or endangers your house, that is an emergency tree removal. And a word about the many companies who profess to do a safe job, for less than the professionals: Check that they have a current insurance certificate. One sure way to escalate costs is to let a self-appointed expert on your property with a chainsaw and little experience. Insurance picks up the pieces, but it does not prevent accidents.
  1. Call us as soon as possible. We can make a determination about relative danger and can often mitigate the situation with tools we carry for these specific purposes. The sooner we can get an expert out to view the situation, the better. Often a decision can be reached-by you-on whether or not to remove the tree, just because of the clear way it is explained.
  1. If the tree in question hit your house or another tree, insurance will normally pay. We take care of the problem and bill insurance, which is time consuming as well. More information on this cost/damage is explained here.
  1. Storm damaged trees are by nature more of a challenge, and more work. It is normal to assume that the work will cost more, sometimes double what a similar project might cost that is scheduled through normal channels. We try to keep the costs competitive, while providing you with safe, professional work. We think you’ll see the difference in how we handle your emergency.
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