Why We Need Green Space Now More than Ever

Over the past few months, we have learned to change our routines and adapt to new norms as we come to terms with a new reality. This extended time inside our homes has brought about some positive side effects, including recognizing many things we’ve taken for granted, like spending time outdoors. Some of the few places that remain safe to […]

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A tree stump that should be dead is still alive

by Cell Press   The Kauri tree stump in the study. Credit: Sebastian Leuzinger / iScience Within a shrouded New Zealand forest, a tree stump keeps itself alive by holding onto the roots of its neighboring trees, exchanging water and resources through the grafted root system. New research, publishing July 25 in iScience, details how surrounding trees keep tree stumps alive, possibly […]

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city of trees

Tree Health and Planting

Planting Tips When trees are planted too deep the roots may decline or they may grow upward and ruin lawns and crack sidewalks. It is better to plant where water must be added rather than drained. On wet or clay sites, plant on a mound. • Plant at the depth the tree grew in the nursery. • Prepare a large […]

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The Effects of Flooding on Trees

With the flooding upon us, one might wonder what are the effects of the flooding on our tree health. One might think lots of water is good for trees but you know the saying too much of a good thing can be bad. Flooding presents a few issues to trees. It can leave the tree vulnerable to secondary pest, suffocate […]

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tree fell on house

Emergency Tree Removal-Top 5 Tips

Emergency Tree Removal-Top 5 Tips by Lisa Tadewaldt Emergency Tree Removal-Top Five Things to Know Emergency tree removal situation are stressful, that is a face. But a little bit of knowledge in dealing with them can go a long way in helping alleviate that stress. Don’t make an emergency tree removal situation more dangerous by getting too close.  You want to be a witness, […]

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