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The Effects of Flooding on Trees

With the flooding upon us, one might wonder what are the effects of the flooding on our tree health. One might think lots of water is good for trees but you know the saying too much of a good thing can be bad. Flooding presents a few issues to...
By Mario Cano | March 1, 2019 | Tree Health

Emergency Tree Removal-Top 5 Tips

Emergency Tree Removal-Top 5 Tips by Lisa Tadewaldt Emergency Tree Removal-Top Five Things to Know Emergency tree removal situation are stressful, that is a face. But a little bit of knowledge in dealing with them can go a long way in helping alleviate that stress. Don’t make an emergency tree removal situation more...
By Mario Cano | December 14, 2018 | Emergency Services


WEED ABATEMENT Vacant lots in the city must be maintained or will be subject to fines. As the summer heats up, weeds are drying quickly posing a potential fire hazard in our communities. Property owners must take immediate measures to ensure their vacant parcel is clear of weeds, debris...
By Mario Cano | June 26, 2018 | weed abadement

When Trees Start Dying

Signs You Have a Diseased Tree Do you notice any funky-looking growths on your trees? One of the signs you have a diseased tree, for instance, is the appearance of fungi– which can be colorful growths, looking like a mushroom, conk or shelf-life structure. Fungi typically appear after a...
By Mario Cano | June 13, 2018 | Tree Health

How To Hire A Tree Care Company

Trees have the power to increase property values, improve air quality, reduce household energy costs, improve water quality and more according to the Unites States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service. When trees are present in our everyday landscape it’s easy to forget just how significant they are to all...
By Alex | June 12, 2018 | Safety

Drought Season

 Informational sites, such as, can be helpful to tree care providers. Image courtesy of As humans, we seem to struggle with things that we have no control over. Bullies at your kids’ school, the driver of the car in front of you on the highway and prices...
By Mario Cano | April 19, 2018 | Tree Health

Tree Care After the Storm

 Crews must be trained to remove trees in precarious positions as well as those down on power lines. Photo: Bartlett Tree Experts When the call goes out to tree service companies to work on widespread storm damage, anybody with a chain saw and a pickup can respond, but it’s...
By Mario Cano | April 19, 2018 | Safety

Tree Care Electrical Hazards

 A typical utility pole with cross tree or bar, transformer, three phases, insulators, and a ground or neutral wire. Note the wires heading down the pole into the conduit, typically a good indicator of underground lines leading to the house, something else to be mindful of. Photo: Michael Tain...
By Mario Cano | April 19, 2018 | Safety

How Weather can Impact Trees

 Winter desiccation can be devastating in some years. Photo: John Fech In the world of arboriculture, or at least the arborist, a variety of factors impart effects on the trees we care for each and every day. One of the most impactful, or at least most commonly referred to...
By Mario Cano | April 19, 2018 | Tree Health

Wildfire Effects to Trees

  When wildfires roll through, the devastation is often immense. While attention is usually focused on the impact to structures — sometimes homes are burned right down to their foundations — part of the rebuilding process requires an evaluation of the surrounding trees. In most cases, a decision can...
By Mario Cano | April 19, 2018 | Tree Health

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